Creating journeys for true spiritual discovery...

or thousands of years, adventurous souls who were seeking serenity and spiritual renewal made their way to India's ashrams, temples, and spiritual centers to absorb the wisdom and ancient practices of yoga, meditation, and ayurvedic healing. Now you can develop a personal connection to that ancient wisdom and experience it yourself.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of meditation and yoga at an authentic Indian retreat center, sharpen your leadership skills through collaboration and wellbeing practices, or experience the magic of India with people who know the land — the Spiritual Sojourn to India with SKY provides you with an opportunity to experience silence, self discovery, and an experience unlike any other.

Experience a new dimension in life that will renew and transform you. And change your life forever.

How to Apply

1) Fill out the application form

2) Apply for an e-visa to India

3) Once accepted, complete the Spiritual Sojourn registration

SKY Winter Service Trip - India!

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Kaitlin Serai | 614.214.7149

Prashant Serai | 614.966.0156