The Art of Living International Ashram

isitors come to the Art of Living International Center to reconnect with themselves and enjoy a deep spiritual experience. Through a combination of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, holistic therapies, wisdom, and nutritious meals, the Art of Living International Center is a popular destination for international peace-seekers heading to India for the ashram experience.

Designed to help visitors relax, renew, and recover from the negative effects of busy, stressful lifestyles, the 65-acre campus is set among the historic Panchagiri Hills outside Bengalaru (Bangalore), with mountainside trails, gardens, and a lake. And organic farms surround the facility. It's the perfect place to get some inner peace and quiet, and to learn more about yourself.

Components of Ashram Life

Kirtan & Satsang

While at the ashram, one cannot miss the satsangs that are held every evening.

Satsangs are gatherings where scattered minds unite through music, meditation, and wisdom to experience a higher state of consciousness. People from all over the world participate in the singing of bhajans or kirtan (tuneful and elevating Sanskrit chanting).


Seva is Sanskrit for selfless service.

Voluntary service is an integral part of the activities at the ashram. One can experience the humble satisfaction that comes from doing selfless work here, from serving food in the kitchen to harvesting a vegetable crop or keeping a pathway clean. Such service also becomes a useful way to integrate and express the growing inner awareness and joy.

The center offers an ideal place for people from all backgrounds, religions, and cultural traditions to come together in knowledge, celebration, and service.

Meet Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Spiritual and Humanitarian Leader

Tour participants will have a chance to have an up close meeting with peace ambassador, spiritual teacher and founder of the AOLF & IAHV. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will be on site for a portion of our trip. Most evenings he will answer questions from those who have gathered and share his knowledge. His charming and informal style of communication, sprinkled with humor and love, makes the wisdom and depth of knowledge easy to relate to and apply to life.

But more powerful than his words are the transforming silence and presence that lie beneath. In his presence, millions have come to a greater understanding of themselves and experienced a profound transformation in their lives.

Meditation and Yoga

Participants will get to learn from some of the best Yoga and meditation teachers in all of India. We’ll experience daily led morning Yoga from the Hatha Yoga tradition and 3 times a day mindfulness and meditation techniques.